We understand the challenges of finding and managing a new home, which is why we offer tailored solutions designed around your needs.

Our committed team brings a solid professional expertise, having worked in diverse multinational environments. Despite our varied backgrounds, we share a common goal: to make your journey in Portugal effortless
and blissful.

At Sea Lisbon, we have meticulous attention to detail, profound local insights, extensive network and personalized service. These qualities empower us to enhance the quality of your life, leaving you with the peace of mind to focus on what truly matters.

Our history

Sea Lisbon was founded by Vanessa and Tiago, siblings and partners. We worked in the corporate world before deciding to create something of our own. With a solid experience in sales in major multinational companies, we rose to positions of leadership and international management.
Bound by the desire to reach our own goals and share happiness with others, we started to explore the real estate industry in 2019, making our business official, by bringing to life our real estate agency, always keeping the essence of leisure and happiness alive.
For almost 5 years, we have been providing a personalized service, leveraging our expertise to assist our clients at every stage of the process, ensuring a stress-free transition into this new stage of their life.